After testing 70 OPKs from 14 different brands I know which OPKs are the best. Find out now which one is right for you!

Hi there!

I'm Katelyn, and I'm here to tell you how FOURTEEN different OPK brands stack up

First, I'll tell you how the experiment is set up and why you should be using OPKs

If you're trying to get pregnant, you should be using OPKs. Really! They are THE most important tool to get when you're trying to get pregnant. That's because OPKs measure a hormone called LH, and this hormene will tell you WHEN you're at your most fertile.

But... not all OPKs are created equal! And I've conducted a thorough experiment to find out which OPKs you can count on. Because reading (often biased) reviews just won't cut it!

Want to know how to use OPKs the right way? Check out the accompanying course:
OPK Secrets.

Then, I test 14 brands using 5 different urine samples

Here's the deal: if you're trying to get pregnant THIS IS FOR YOU. I'll walk you through the experiment step-by-step, and show you EXACTLY how these brands work under all kinds of different scenarios.

From low LH -for example if you drink a lot of water- to high LH -for example in women with PCOS or right at around the time of ovulation-.

I've got you covered.

Want a sneak peak?

This is what you'll get in OPK Labs....

Video Guide Comparing OPKs

In OPK Labs, I test FOURTEEN brands (including two digitals!). And best of all? I recorded it!

  • 14 OPK brands compared
  • Each OPK is tested with 5 different urine samples with different strength of the hormone LH
  • In total; 70 OPKs are tested 
  • OPKs will be judged on multiple criteria such as test speed, readability, and different measures of sensitivity
  • Lifetime access to all the results

You'll get a printable PDF Guide

30-Page OPK Comparison Guide

OPK Labs also includes a 30-page in-depth guide showing you how OPK brands stack up to each other. Trust me, ⁣not all OPKs are created equal, but together we can make sure you buy the right brand for you!⁣

  • 30 pages of carefully compared OPK brands
  • Each OPK is tested with 5 different urine samples
  • Find out how an OPK can help you get pregnant
  • Explains exactly what to look for in an OPK
  • Easily compare OPKs side-by-side visually

There's one more thing I want to talk to you about...

What's better than knowing exactly WHICH OPK to buy?

Knowing HOW to use them to perfection!

That's where OPK Secrets comes in. OPK Secrets is my 8-step approach on how to identify your fertile window and get pregnant quickly using ovulation predictor kits.

Because if you know both which OPK to get and how to use them like a true expert, you can be assured that you're doing everything you can to get pregnant ASAP.

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